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Freshman QB Cole Kelley’s arm strength impressing Razorbacks

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Let’s begin our first Arkansas Razorbacks podcast of the season discussing quarterbacks Rafe Peavey and Cole Kelley.

Rafe Peavey has decided to transfer, leaving Arkansas and headed to SMU,” host Chad Neipling said.  “This is something long thought to be in the works. Rafe has been looked at as a possible No. 2 last year with Brandon Allen and Austin Allen. Being a dual-threat quarterback, a lot of the times you didn’t get to see the full potential of Rafe.”

Saturday’s scrimmage foreshadowed how the quarterback competition was progressing.

“I think Ty (Storey) had somewhere around 20 snaps or so and Cole Kelley took about 27 snaps . . . Rafe was just again, wasn’t anywhere to be around.”

Peavey’s disengagement from the team had become a theme during camp and his announcement was not a surprise.

“There has been a rumor in the past, it was never confirmed, it was all speculation, that there was a possibility that Rafe had possibly wanted to transfer last year after having to sit back and have to do backup duties to Brandon Allen with Austin Allen,” Neipling said. “I think he waited it out, thinking he possibly had a shot to beat out Austin for the starting position this year, and that wasn’t going to be the case.”

An injury was partly to blame for his inability to move up the depth chart.

“I think a lot of people, as far as the administration, as far the coaches are concerned, are going to look at the fact that he had fallen behind due to the fact that he did suffer that injury in the offseason to his back,” Neipling said.

Although Cole Kelley, a true freshman from Lafayette, La., has only been in the program for a short time, he’s been turning heads.

“There’s no doubt this guy’s got a big arm, he’s got a live arm, he’s got a strong arm,” Neipling said. “Where a guy like Austin and Ty may have to take a couple steps, three or four steps back, to kind of wind up and get a deep ball to go downfield, that’s not the case with Cole. Cole takes two steps back and he just launches one and it’s a 30-yard pass.”

Neipling continued praising Kelley’s talent: “In my opinion there’s a big difference in arm strength compared to the other guys when you’re talking about Cole.”

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Listen to Chad Neipling’s complete Arkansas Razorbacks podcast below.

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