SEC by the numbers: Auburn looking to extend 1,000-yard streak to 8 seasons in a row

Gus Malzahn vs. Texas A&M in 2015

One of the more impressive statistics by an SEC team is that Auburn has had a 1,000-yard rusher in seven consecutive seasons, the longest current streak in the league.

Consider that Ole Miss and Vanderbilt have had just six 1,000-yard rushers and Kentucky eight in their histories, and Auburn’s current streak gains in stature. In addition, no other SEC school has a streak longer than three seasons (Arkansas and LSU).

Every SEC team has had at least one 1,000-yard rusher in the past decade. UK has gone the longest without one; Rafael Little was the last Wildcat to hit the mark, in 2007. Ole Miss has the second-longest drought; it hasn't had one since Dexter McCluster in 2009.

Tennessee's Jalen Hurd is one of five current SEC running back who has reached the 1,000-yard plateau in a season. JIM BROWN/USA TODAY SPORTS

Tennessee's Jalen Hurd is one of five current SEC running back who has reached the 1,000-yard plateau in a season. JIM BROWN/USA TODAY SPORTS

There are five current SEC running backs who have rushed for 1,000 yards in a season: Georgia's Nick Chubb (2014) and Sony Michel (2015); LSU's Leonard Fournette (2014 and '15); Tennessee's Jalen Hurd (2015); and Vanderbilt's Ralph Webb (2015).

As for 1,500-yard rushers, 10 of the 14 SEC schools have had at least one player reach the plateau – all except Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Three backs went above the mark last season: Fournette had 1,953 yards; Alabama's Derrick Henry rushed for 2,219 yards, becoming the first SEC player to ever hit the 2,000-yard mark; and Arkansas' Alex Collins rushed for 1,577 yards.

Chubb hit the plateau in 2014, giving the SEC two current backs who have reached that rarefied air. Just two SEC backs in history – Georgia's Herschel Walker and Arkansas' Darren McFadden – have reached the 1,500-yard mark multiple times (Walker did it three times, MacFadden twice). Thus, Chubb and Fournette will be looking to add to SEC history this season

Here's a closer look at the running backs.


Derrick Henry 2015

Alabama's Derrick Henry last season became the first SEC running back to rush for 2,000 yards in a season. MARVIN GENTRY/USA TODAY SPORTS

Last 1,000-yard rusher: Derrick Henry in 2015, 2,219 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Henry in 2015
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 19
Best season: Henry in 2015


Last 1,000-yard rusher: Alex Collins in 2015, 1,577 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Collins in 2015
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 17
Best season: Darren McFadden in 2007, 1,830 yards


Last 1,000-yard rusher: Peyton Barber in 2015, 1,016 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Cameron Artis-Payne in 2014, 1,608 yards
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 25
Best season: Tre Mason in 2013, 1,816 yards


Last 1,000-yard rusher: Kelvin Taylor in 2015, 1,035 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Emmitt Smith in 1989, 1,599 yards
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 11
Best season: Smith in 1989


herschel walker

Georgia's Herschel Walker is the only running back in SEC history with three 1,500-yard seasons. COURTESY GEORGIA ATHLETICS

Last 1,000-yard rusher: Sony Michel in 2015, 1,161 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Nick Chubb in 2014, 1,547 yards
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 15
Best season: Herschel Walker in 1981, 1,891 yards


Last 1,000-yard rusher: Rafael Little in 2007, 1,013 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Moe Williams in 1995, 1,600 yards
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 8
Best season: Williams in 1995


Last 1,000-yard rusher: Leonard Fournette in 2015, 1,953 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Fournette in 2015
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 16
Best season: Fournette in 2015

Mississippi State

Last 1,000-yard rusher: Josh Robinson in 2014, 1,203 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: None
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 13
Best season: Anthony Dixon in 2009, 1,391 yards


Last 1,000-yard rusher: Russell Hansbrough in 2014, 1,084 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Devin West in 1998, 1,578 yards
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 15
Best season: West in 1998

Ole Miss

dexter mccluster

Dexter McCluster rushed for 1,169 yards in 2009; he is the most recent Ole Miss player to hit the 1,000-yard plateau. COURTESY COTTON BOWL

Last 1,000-yard rusher: Dexter McCluster in 2009, 1,169 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: None
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 6
Best season: Kayo Dottley in 1949, 1,312 yards

South Carolina

Last 1,000-yard rusher: Mike Davis in 2013, 1,183 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: George Rogers in 1980, 1,894 yards
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 10
Best season: Rogers in 1980


Last 1,000-yard rusher: Jalen Hurd in 2015, 1,288 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: None
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 18
Best season: Travis Stephens in 2001, 1,464 yards

Texas A&M

Last 1,000-yard rusher: Tra Carson in 2015, 1,165 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: Darren Lewis in 1990, 1,691 yards
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 15
Best season: Lewis in 1988, 1,692 yards


Last 1,000-yard rusher: Ralph Webb in 2015, 1,152 yards
Last 1,500-yard rusher: None
All-time 1,000-yard rushers: 6
Best season: Zac Stacy in 2011, 1,193 yards

The top 10 single-season yardage totals in SEC history

1. Derrick Henry, Alabama – 2,219 yards, 2015
2. Leonard Fournette, LSU – 1,953 yards, 2015
3. Herschel Walker, Georgia – 1,891 yards, 1981
4. Darren McFadden, Arkansas – 1,830 yards, 2007
5. Tre Mason, Auburn – 1,816 yards, 2013
6. Bo Jackson, Auburn – 1,786 yards, 1985
7. Herschel Walker, Georgia – 1,752 yards, 1981
8. Charles Alexander, LSU – 1,686 yards, 1977
9. Trent Richardson, Alabama – 1,679 yards, 2011
10. Mark Ingram, Alabama – 1,658 yards, 2009
(Note: There have been 19 instances when an SEC back has rushed for 1,500 yards)

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