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Rachel Baribeau uncovers the story behind the stats. • "Respected by players, coaches and the media." (CBS Sports Network) • "Impressive and infectious." (ESPN.com) • "Hardwired for this business." (CBS Sports Analyst) As the first known female sports reporter to participate in a professional football training camp, her pursuit of delivering an authentic account to her fans is relentless. Ms. Baribeau is a graduate of the Auburn University Broadcast Journalism program. She's delivered insightful commentary to millions of sports enthusiast via national broadcasters such as Fox Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports and Yahoo. As the south's sweetheart of sports, Ms. Baribeau has been dubbed an "SEC-ologist" as she worked for Fox Sports and Scout.com covering the SEC West. Her compelling and heartfelt story-telling has been featured on BleacherReport.com and she can also be heard on SiriusXM College Sports Nation as the first female on College Sports Nation. Outside of work, Ms. Baribeau may put down the microphone, but chooses to pick up a megaphone and rally others, particularly for Kevin Turner (Bama, Patriots, Eagles), who suffers from ALS. Rachel organized a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro to benefit ALS research and a cure. She and the team raised over 90K and a movie was born. Climb for Kevin will be touring the nation this year.

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