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#BattleAtBristol: Workers lay turf at Bristol Motor Speedway

Bristol Motor Speedway at night, 2016

The next part of the foundation for the “Battle at Bristol” has begun to take shape: the field.

Workers started laying the field at Bristol Motor Speedway ahead of the September 10 game between Tennessee and Virginia Tech. The process began Wednesday with the arrival of a gigantic roll of artificial turf.

Now, much of that turf is in place.

Bristol Motor Speedway's special-event Twitter account (@BattleAtBristol) posted remarkable footage of the process.

Knoxville TV station WATE captured the view of track workers rolling turf across a strip of the former pit lane.

After that work, by Thursday morning, the field looked like this.

And no field would be complete without goalposts. But assembling those goalposts on a converted racetrack might be a little more complicated than one might expect.

Around 150,000 fans are expected in attendance, which would make the "Battle at Bristol" the most attended college football game in history. Although Bristol Motor Speedway is used to dealing with crowds -- the annual short-track races are among the most popular events on the NASCAR calendar -- the unusual layout and unprecedented event are expected to create traffic congestion.

The speedway has produced a five-minute YouTube video highlighting directions and tips for dealing with the traffic.

The #BattleAtBristol is already spreading the word about the event through on-campus events, like this promotion at the Drillfield near the center of the Virginia Tech campus.

The countdown is now a bit more than two weeks until Tennessee and Virginia Tech make history in Bristol.

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