A difficult ‘goodbye’ and an exciting ‘hello’

Chadd Scott (right) and Frank Frangie host their 1010XL Jax Sports Radio college football show.

For the first time… ever, I’ll have a full-time job outside of the radio industry.  Today, I begin overseeing content at GridironNow.

I’ll continue working with our Managing Editor Mike Huguenin to produce the best daily content from our contributors and writers.  I’ll be helping with GridironNow’s social media, sales and promotional efforts, keeping an eye on day-to-day operations, facilitating communication between our various departments and making sure we continue progressing toward our goal of being the gold standard for SEC football digital media.  With any luck, I’ll even be able to write more.

I want to thank Frank Frangie (along with a handful of other folks you wouldn't know) for entrusting me with this position.  I look forward to working more with Frank to see what this project can become.  I’ve always had a great deal of respect for his business mind, if not his ranking of top SEC football game weekend experiences.

1010 XL

Ironically, I’m leaving radio while in possession of the best radio job I’ve had through 20-plus years in the business.  As the Program Director at 1010XL Jax Sports Radio, I worked with better people, had more responsibility and a better quality of life than I ever had.

The people at 1010XL, namely Steve Griffin, will likely never understand how much their job meant to me.  It meant allowing me to propose to my now wife.  It meant allowing her and I to realize a lifelong dream of living on Amelia Island 30 years before we imagined we could.  It allowed me to remove an acrid taste from mouth for industry that has given me as many downs as ups.

I was at a professional low when I took the position, I am at a professional high as I leave it.  That has as much to do with the place as me.

If it weren’t for the close ties between GridironNow and 1010XL, if I weren’t going into the same office every day, if I couldn’t see Michelle and Donna and Tom and all the producers and anchors I helped hire in my four years there, I would not have taken the position.

So while the position is new, the impact it will have on my daily routines are minimal.  There’ll be more late nights and weekends editing, but hopefully more three day weekends travelling to campuses and days working from home with the cats.  Being able to remain in the Jacksonville area, which Kristi and I love, was essential.


Over the past two years or so, I increasingly found myself encouraging the hosts and producers at 1010XL to evolve.  Evolve to embrace the modern appetites of sports radio fans which include more positivity, more personality and more frequently changing topics than previously.  Evolve to reach your audiences through social media.  Evolve to embrace video.  Evolve to take a greater interest in the business side of our profession.

It’s time I take my own advice.

It’s time for me to evolve and dedicate myself to the mushrooming digital world.  Increasingly, that’s where the dollars are, that’s where the jobs are, that’s where the audience is.  I am bullish on the future of great, LOCAL, sports talk radio – the kind produced daily at 1010XL – but the scale of local radio cannot compare with what is possible at GridironNow.

I did not make this decision lightly.  Risk is involved.  I am also a sucker for a challenge.  I am a builder by nature and the opportunity come to GridironNow at the ground floor and build it is simply to enticing to pass up.

Up with people

I am a firm believer that any business, any team, any thing is only as good as its people.  I love the people we’ve been able to put together at GridironNow.

I’d like to shout-out all of our Day 1 contributors and writers including Tony Barnhart, Jimmy Hyams, Brady Ackerman, Rachel Baribeau, Dan Mathews, Seth Stokes, Leslie Koerdt, Buddy Martin, Dan Hancock, Cavender Neutze, Jake Wimberly and Heath Cline.  I want to go way back to the early 2010s and recognize the old crew.  Chuck, Ingram, Drew, Zach and Robb truly started me down this path I am now committing to today.  I continue using the lessons I learned with you guys daily.

The further in my career I advance, the more I realize it is building teams, leading teams, finding people and putting them in the best position for them to succeed which I most enjoy.  And that’s where you come in.  GridironNow will never have enough credible, ambitious, talented college football writers.  Are you one?  We’ll never have enough forward-thinkers, killer sales people, social media aces or tech wizards.  Are you one.  I can’t guarantee you a job, but I can guarantee you a response to your email.  chadd @

With that said, let’s get started.

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