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Meeting Jim McElwain

McElwain only

It was in his office in Tuscaloosa, right after head coach Nick Saban raced by in his typically intense way. That is when I met Jim McElwain. He was hosting Gino Torretta and I the day before a ‘Bama home game – we were working the game the next day for Touchdown Radio.

What stands out? In an age where so many have that Urban Meyer-Saban-Jimbo Fisher seriousness about them, this guy was way more Bobby Bowden/Mack Brown. Affable, funny, down to earth and happy to see us. We talked football – or at least Gino and Mac did, I sort of listened. We laughed. We enjoyed the moment – or the 20 minutes or so we were there.

I didn’t know that day that Mac would one day be the coach at the University of Florida, by way of Colorado State. But we should have known he was ending up somewhere special. Terrific coach, warm personality, and everyone around raved about the guy.

Gonna be some fun days in Gainesville.

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