‘The Joy In Sports’ discusses the College Football Playoff

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In this episode of “The Joy In Sports” podcast, Rachel Baribeau sits down with Gina Lehe, who is the senior director of communications and brand management for the College Football Playoff.

Among the numerous topics they discuss is the role of women in sports. They also discuss what it is like to work for one of the most powerful people in college football, Bill Hancock; he is executive director of the CFP. Lehe says working with Hancock is one of the more enjoyable experiences of her career.

"I've never met someone who is so willing give their time to others," Lehe said. " . . . He's honest, sincere and he will give you his time any time of the day. It really truly is amazing because you stop and think about how much he has going on and how busy he is. He could say 'no' to half of the (interview) requests that come in and he never says 'no.' Never!"

Lehe calls Hancock the "Energizer Bunny" in regard to the energy he brings to his job.

Baribeau also touches on the philanthropic arm of the College Football Playoff. The group has set up a foundation to help benefit the educational system.

"We missed the boat during the BCS era of not having something to tie ourselves to and really give back," Lehe said, "so that was a huge goal of ours. I think we had some lofty expectations of starting this. But we've exceeded them and some. The money we've raised in two and a half years is phenomenal. The number of students and teachers we've impacted? It's hundreds of thousands. Insane."


Fans who want to learn more about the CFP Foundation can visit the website. The goal of the foundation is to "go the extra yard for teachers."

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