So, which SEC coach would you want as president?

Braden Gall of Athlon Sports and Chris Childers of SiriusXM Radio talk politics for a while in this episode of the “Braden and Childers” SEC football podcast. But it’s not real politics, which makes it OK to listen.

The guys want to know which SEC coaches would make up the best President/Vice President duo. In other words, who can provide the leadership the voter can believe in?

Regardless of your thoughts on the subject, how awesome would it be if Arkansas coach Bret Bielema were on the ticket?

Actually, the guys start things off by talking about potential conference realignment. If the Big 12 does expand, what happens with the SEC? Would it try to add teams or let things remain the way they are?

The guys kick around some scenarios that would work best for the SEC should the league decide that expansion is necessary. And they believe other conferences are more in need of help than the SEC.

They also discuss ideas that could keep the "Group of Five" schools viable. Think Premier League.

Finally, Gall's wife is pregnant and due in October. He wants some help in trying to figure out where they should head for their "babymoon." And, yes, he is serious about wanting feedback.

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